Bike and Ice

Bike is Here and Ready to Roll!

It came in a large box, covered in tape.

Special thanks to my endearing coworker Will who helped assemble the mess free of charge!

willbuild willwheel

One of my most optimistic, determined coworkers, he leaped to the occasion to help me with this task. Once again, my piers never cease to surprise me with their depth-less generosity and enthusiasm. I look forward to our bike excursions together this spring!

Here is my current “to-do list” breakdown as we get closer to the leave date:

  • Raise an average of $150/ week
  • Bike 50 miles a week
  • Work on an affordable housing build site
  • Buy gear

I took my bike for its first spin yesterday, and despite it being a shocking, lovely 45 degrees, the bike paths are still not quite training-ready.


Can’t blame a girl for being optimistic, right? Determination not to be undermined, I carried the bike through some slush to pursue the path, and biked until my tires would no longer hold me up. And the reward was worth the struggle.


Be sure to come check out our Fundraising Show at Pine St Studios this Saturday! Come for music, good company, and to see my art!

The Selfies Sketches are still underway! Contact me if you are interested, send a photo, and I will post the completed selfies soon!

Please help support our efforts, as always. I cannot do the trip without your support.


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