Grundlefunk at Pine St Studios

First official fundraising show at Pine St Studios was a HUGE success!

Dan on Bass!

I am so grateful for all the help I got in setting the show up. Everything is a thousands times less daunting with friends. Once again, could not have done it without such generous and enthusiastic people in my life.


<< Connor and Noah sweep the floor, post moving three saws and a shockingly heavy, large metal table. After all, when not a dance floor and stage, this room is a place of work.

  • sada
  • asfasd
  • dsfas
  • saDSD
  • ASd

The crowd was great. Everyone was dancing, Grundlefunk was popping, and the turnout was substantial for a freezing-rain night in March. There was even some zumba thrown in there at some points (thank you Dillon!) Marshall commented-

“When I looked up from my guitar, I did not know who was performing for who”

(I kind of just wanted to insert a quote there)

dancers dancers2 bass

I want to send out my love and gratitude for everyone who helped make this happen and came to the show. If you missed the show, have no fear, there will be more fundraising events to come!

We are just shy of $2,000 now, which is awesome! The show did about two weeks of fundraising in a single night.

As always, check me out or show your support at…


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