The Cause

This summer I will bike 3,993 miles from Portland, ME to Santa Barbra, Ca with Bike and Build.


Bike and Build is a nonprofit that equips delusional, bad-ass, adrenaline junky, lean mighty youths with the tools and organization to raise money all year so that they might bike literally across the country and build homes for low-income families. Simple.

Cause: Create awareness about the affordable housing crisis, and build affordable homes.


 Raise $4,500 through engaging in the community (cyber, local, hometown) before June 20th. Hitch a ride to Portland, ME. Join 31 other riders. Bike 3,993 miles down and over to Santa Barbara, CA.

The next couple months, this blog will focus on

  • Highlighting exceptional donors and volunteers throughout this fundraising journey
  • Fundraising event updates!
  • Letting y’all know what I am doing to uphold up to my commitment to donors and the cause (training, fundraising updates, research)
  • Sharing my own personal story- why biking, why affordable homes
  • Keeping readers informed about Affordable Housing

Come this summer, here will be the way I keep all my supporters informed on my journey!


More to come- I’ll keep you posted!


In the meantime- check out my

Rider Profile– to see donation progress, and the best way to donate

Etsy Lipbalms (for affordable housing)


And for more information on Bike and Build:

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